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Understanding the mechanisms underlying aging and the translation of the knowledge into human therapy can potentially slow the rate and magnitude of the appearance of physiological age-associated diseases.

Our Minerva center of mechanism of healthy aging aims to explore the regulation and communications between two fundamental mechanisms underlying the aging process: genome stability and metabolism. In particular, we are elucidating the interactions between these molecular mechanisms in order to understand the systemic interactions between different tissues that affect the aging of the whole organism. 

The members of the center, from Bar-Ilan University and CECAD Cluster of Excellence at University of Cologne generate a network of interactions and collaborations. The network is based on routine discussions, student exchanges, and annual and international meetings. Moreover, via connections to other aging centers including the National Institute of Aging at the NIH and the Glenn Laboratories for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging at Albert Einstein Scholl of Medicine NY, we create a global network with a tremendous international impact on the aging field.

Taken together, these processes may allow us to establish the Healthy Longevity Signature (HEALS) and to develop systems biology tools. These tools can be used to translate all of the accumulated knowledge into human therapy and will contribute to better world for society and for the elderly. 

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